These books were already reviewed, ordered by the surname of the author:


Strings Attached - Mandy Baggot
Truly Madly Greekly - Mandy Baggot
One Wish in Manhattan - by Mandy Baggot
One Christmas Kiss in Notting Hill - Mandy Baggot
Just For Christmas - Scarlett Bailey
Two Weddings and a Baby - Scarlett Bailey
Secret Santa - Scarlett Bailey
In Need Of Therapy - Tracie Banister
Blame it on the Fame - Tracie Banister
Mixing It Up - Tracie Banister
Kitty's Countryside Dream - Christie Barlow
Lizzie's Christmas Escape - Christie Barlow
Evie's Year of Taking Chances - Christie Barlow
The Cosy Canal Boat Dream - Christie Barlow
The Big Little Wedding in Carlton Square - Lilly Bartlett
The Second Chance Café in Carlton Square - Lilly Bartlett
The Big Dreams Beach Hotel - Lilly Bartlett
Christmas at the Falling-Down Guesthouse - Lilly Bartlett
Private Air - Billie Bates
The Dead Wife's Handbook - Hannah Beckerman
Don't Tell the Brides-to-Be - Anna Bell
Don't Tell The Groom - Anna Bell
The Good Girlfriend's Guide to Getting Even - Anna Bell
It Started With a Tweet - Anna Bell
How Not to Fall in Love, Actually - Catherine Bennetto
Melting Ms Frost - Kat Black
Playing With Fire - Kat Black
How To get A (Love) Life - Rosie Blake
How to Stuff Up Christmas - Rosie Blake
How to Find Your (First) Husband - Rosie Blake
The Hygge Holiday - Rosie Blake
Single Woman Seeks Revenge - Tracy Bloom
No-one Ever Has Sex on Christmas Day - Tracy Bloom
Love at the Italian Lake - Darcie Boleyn
The List - Joanna Bolouri
Ivy Lane - Cathy Bramley
Appleby Farm - Cathy Bramley
My Map of You - Isabelle Broom
A Year and a Day - Isabelle Broom
Then. Now. Always. - by Isabelle Broom
The Place We Met - Isabelle Broom
Cupcakes at Carrington's - Alexandra Brown
Me and Mr Carrington - Alexandra Brown
Christmas at Carrngton's - Alexandra Brown
Ice Cream at Carrington's - Alexandra Brown
The Great Christmas Knit Off - Alexandra Brown
The Great Village Show - Alexandra Brown
The Secret of Orchard Cottage - Alex Brown
Not Just For Christmas - Alex Brown
Gut Feeling - Victoria Browne
Third Time Lucky, The Honey Trap - Victoria Browne
A Girl Like You - Gemma Burgess
Tremarnock Summer - Emma Burstall

It's Always the Husband - Michele Campbell
Just the Two of Us - Georgie Capron
It Was Always You - Georgie Capron
Meet Me in Manhattan - Claudia Carroll
The Heavenly Italian Ice Cream Shop - Abby Clements
The Winter Wedding - Abby Clements
Dear Thing - Julie Cohen
The Day of Second Chances - Julie Cohen
Reach for the Stars - Colleen Coleman
The Memory Book - Rowan Coleman
The Summer of Impossible Things - Rowan Coleman
Destination Thailand (The Lonely Hearts Travel Club #1) - Katy Colins
Destination India (The Lonely Hearts Travel Club #2) - Katy Colins
Destination Child (The Lonely Hearts Travel Club #3) - Katy Colins
Chasing the Sun - Katy Colins
The Law of Attraction - Roxie Cooper
The Wish List - Jane Costello
My Single Friend - Jane Costello
All The Single Ladies - Jane Costello
Bridesmaids - Jane Costello
The Time of our Lives - Jane Costello
The Love Shack - Jane Costello
Summer Nights at the Moonlight Hotel - Jane Costello
I Love The 80s - Megan Crane

Coming Home For Christmas - Jenny Hale
Love Me For Me - by Jenny Hale
A Christmas To Remember - Jenny Hale
Summer by the Sea - Jenny Hale
Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses - Jenny Hale
Summer at Oyster Bay - Jenny Hale
All I Want for Christmas - Jenny Hale
The Summer House - Jenny Hale
We'll Always Have Christmas - Jenny Hale
The A-Z of You and Me - James Hannah
The Perfect Gift - Emma Hannigan
The Wedding Promise - Emma Hannigan
The Life Intended - Kristin Harmel
Pieces of You - Ella Harper
The Years of Loving You - by Ella Harper
My Sort-of Kind-of Hero - Emily Harper
People We Love - Jenny Harper
The Doris Day Vintage Film Club - Fiona Harper
Beyond Grace's Rainbow - Carmel Harrington
The Life You Left - Carmel Harrington
Every Time a Bell Rings - Carmel Harrington
The First Last Kiss - Ali Harris
Written in the Stars - Ali Harris
Late Call - Emma Hart
Final Call - Emma Hart
Wild Temptation - Emma Hart
Wild Addiction - Emma Hart
The Legacy of Lucy Harte - Emma Heatherington
The Secret of Midwives - Sally Hepworth
The Things We Keep - Sally Hepworth
It's Got To Be Perfect - Haley Hill
Love Is... - Haley Hill
The Guest List - Melissa Hill
A Gift To Remember - Melissa Hill
Something From Tiffany's - Melissa Hill
The Love of a Lifetime - Melissa Hill
Keep You Safe - Melissa Hill
Secerts We Keep - Faith Hogan

I Heart New York - Lindsey Kelk
I Heart Hollywood - Lindsey Kelk
I Heart Paris - Lindsey Kelk
I Heart Vegas - Lindsey Kelk
I Heart London - Lindsey Kelk
I Heart Christmas - Lindsey Kelk
I Heart Forever - Lindsey Kelk
Jenny Lopez Saves Christmas - Lindsey Kelk
About a Girl - Lindsey Kelk
What A Girl Wants - Lindsey Kelk
A Girl's Best Friend - Lindsey Kelk
Always the Bridesmaid - Lindsey Kelk
We Were on a Break - Lindsey Kelk
Whatever Happened to Vicky Hope's Back Up Man? - Laura Kemp
The Brightest Star in the Sky - Marian Keyes
Anybody Out There? - Marian Keyes
Everything Love Is - Claire King
Do You Take This Man? - Sophie King
The Snow Globe - Judith Kinghorn
I've Got Your Number - Sophie Kinsella
Remember Me? - Sophie Kinsella
Twenties Girl - Sophie Kinsella
Wedding Night - Sophie Kinsella
Can You Keep A Secret? - Sophie Kinsella
Finding Audrey - Sophie Kinsella
A Moral Dilemma - Zara Kingsley
We've Always Got New York - Jill Knapp
Letting You Go - Anouska Knight

Beautiful Bastard - Christina Lauren
Beautiful Stranger - Christina Lauren
Beautiful Player - Christina Lauren
Beautiful Boss - Christina Lauren
The Best Thing I Never Had - Erin Lawless
Somewhere Only We Know - Erin Lawless
The Park Bench Test - Sarah Lefebve
The Right Side Of Mr Wrong - Jane Linfoot
How To Win a Guy in 10 Dates - Jane Linfoot
High Heels and Bicycle Wheels - Jane Linfoot
The Vintage Cinema Club - Jane Linfoot
Cupcakes and Confetti (The Little Wedding Shop by the Sea) - Jane Linfoot
Sequins and Snowflakes (Christmas at the Little Wedding Shop) - Jane Linfoot
Bunting and Buquets (Summer at the Litte Wedding Shop) - Jane Linfoot
Christmas Promises at the Little Wedding Shop - Jane Linfoot
The Boy in the Bookshop (The Meet Cute Series) - Katey Lovell
The Boy at the Beach (The Meet Cute Series) - Katey Lovell
The Boy at the Bakery (The Meet Cute Series) - Katey Lovell
The Boy under the Mistletoe (The Meet Cute Series) - by Katey Lovell
The Boy with the Boxes (The Meet Cute Series) - Katey Lovell
The Boy on the Bus (The Meet Cute Series) - Katey Lovell
One Night in Los Angeles - Katey Lovell
The Singalong Society for Singletons - Katey Lovell
Joe and Clara's Christmas Countdown - Katey Lovell
Coming Up Roses - Rachael Lucas
Wildflower Bay (Part 1) - Rachael Lucas
Wildflower Bay - Rachael Lucas
Bride Without A Groom - Amy Lynch
Between A Rockstar and A Hard Place - Portia MacIntosh
How Not To Be Starstruck - Portia MacIntosh
Bad Bridesmaid - Portia MacIntosh
It's Not You, It's Them - Portia MacIntosh
If You Only Knew - Zanna MacKenzie
The Silent Hours - Cesca Major
The Last Night - Cesca Major
It Felt Like A Kiss - Sara Manning
How to Mend a Broken Heart - Anna Mansell
The Lost Wife - Anna Mansell
Meet Me at Beachcomber Bay - Jill Mansell
A Questionable Friendship - Samantha March
The Guestbook - Holly Martin
One Hundred Proposals - Holly Martin
One Hundred Christmas Proposals - Holly Martin
Fairytale Beginnings - Holly Martin
Christmas at Lilac Cottage - Holly Martin
Snowflakes on Silver Cover - Holly Martin
Summer at Rose Island - Holly Martin
Christmas Under a Cranberry Sky - Holly Martin
Christmas Under a Starlit Sky - Holly Martin
Spring at Blueberry Bay - Holly Martin
Summer at Buttercup Beach - Holly Martin
Christmas at Mistletoe Cove - Holly Martin
Beneath the Moon and the Stars - Amelia Thorne/Holly Martin
Tied Up With Love - Amelia Thorne/Holly Martin
A Cottage by the Sea - Carole Matthews
Summer Daydreams - Carole Matthews
Calling Mrs Christmas - Carole Matthews
The Christmas Party - Carole Matthews
Love Me Tinder - Nicola May
Wellies and Westie (Primrose Terrace Series, Book1) - Cressida McLaughlin
Sunshine and Spaniels (Primrose Terrace Series, Book 2) - Cressida McLaughlin
Raincoats and Retrievers (Primrose Terrace, Book 3) - Cressida McLaughlin
Tinsel and Terriers (Primrise Terrace, Book 4) - Cressida McLaughlin
From Notting Hill With Love...Actually - Ali McNamara
From Notting Hill to New York...Actually - Ali McNamara
From Notting Hilly With Four Weddings...Actually - Ali McNamara
The Little Flower Shop by the Sea - Ali McNamara
My So-Called (Love) Life - A.L. Michael
If You Don't Know Me by Now - A.L. Michael
Nice Day for a White Wedding - A.L. Michael
Cocktails and Dreams - A.L. Michael
Crazy Undercover Love - Nikki Moore
Skating At Somerset House - Nikki Moore
New Year at the Ritz - Nikki Moore
Valentine's on Primrose Hill - Nikki Moore
Cocktails in Chelsea - Nikki Moore
Strawberries at Wimbledon - Nikki Moore
Picnics in Hyde Park - Nikki Moore
Sleigh Bells in the Snow - Sarah Morgan
Suddenly Last Summer - by Sarah Morgan
Maybe This Christmas - Sarah Morgan
The Notting Hill Diaries - Sarah Morgan
First Time in Forever - Sarah Morgan
Some kind of Wonderful - Sarah Morgan
Christmas Ever After - Sarah Morgan
Sleepless in Manhattan - Sarah Morgan
Sunset in Central Park - Sarah Morgan
Miracle on 5th Avenue - Sarah Morgan
New York, Actually - Sarah Morgan
Holiday in the Hamptons - Sarah Morgan
Moonlight over Manhattan - Sarah Morgan
The Fifth Letter - Nicola Moriarty
Me Before You - Jojo Moyes
The Last Letter From Your Lover - Jojo Moyes
Paris For One - Jojo Moyes
After You - Jojo Moyes


Christmas at the Gingerbread Cafe - Rebecca Raisin
Chocolate Dreams at the Gingerbread Cafe - Rebecca Raisin
The Bookshop on the Corner - Rebecca Raisin
Christmas Wedding at the Gingerbread Cafe - Rebecca Raisin
The Gingerbread Cafe Trilogy - Rebecca Raisin
Secrets at Maple Syrup Farm - Rebecca Raisin
The Little Bookshop on the Seine - Rebecca Raisin
The Little Antique Shop under the Eiffel Tower - Rebecca Raisin
Celebrations and Confetti at Cedarwood Lodge - Rebecca Raisin
Brides and Bouquets at Cedarwood Lodge - Rebecca Raisin
Midnight and Mistletoe at Cedarwood Lodge - Rebecca Raisin
Winter at Cedarwood Lodge - Rebecca Raisin
The Heart Of Bali - Rebecca Raisin
By Proxy - Katy Regnery
Midsummer Sweetheart - Katy Regnery
See Jane Fall - Katy Regnery
Meeting Miss Mystic - Katy Regnery
What Were You Expecting? - Katy Regnery
The Vixen and the Vet - Katy Regnery
Breaking Up With Barrett - Katy Regnery
Falling for Fitz - Katy Regnery
Anyone But Alex - Katy Regnery
Seduced by Stratton - Katy Regnery
Wild About Weston - Katy Regnery
Kiss Me Kate - Katy Regnery
Frosted - Katy Regnery
Bidding on Brooks - Katy Regnery
Proposing to Preston - Katy Regnery
Never Let You Go - Katy Regnery
Me Without You - Kelly Rimmer
The Secret Daughter - Kelly Rimmer
When I Lost You - Kelly Rimmer
The Greatest Love Story off All Time - Lucy Robinson
A Passionate Love Affair With A Stranger - Lucy Robinson
The Unfinished Symphony of You and Me - Lucy Robinson
The Day We Disappeared - Lucy Robinson
Crazy Stupid Love - Cassie Rocca
Handle Me With Care - Helen J Rolfe
What Rosie Found Next - Helen J Rolfe

The Happy Endings Book Club - Jane Tara 
Hopelessly Devoted to Holden Finn - Tilly Tennant
Little Acts Of Love (Mishaps In Millrise Book 1) - Tilly Tennant
Just Like Rebecca (Mishaps In Millrise Book 2) - Tilly Tennant
The Parent Trap (Mishaps In Millrise Book 3) - Tilly Tennant
And Baby Makes Four (Mishaps In Millrise Book 4) – Tilly Tennant
The Accidental Guest (One Upon a Winter, Book1) - Tilly Tennant
I'm Not in Love (One Upon a Winter, Book 2) - Tilly Tennant
Ways to Say Goodbye (Once Upon a Winter, Book 3) - Tilly Tennant
One Starry Night (Once Upon a Winter, Book 4) - Tilly Tennant
The Little Village Bakery - Tilly Tennant
Rome is Where The Heart is - Tilly Tennant
A Wedding in Italy - Tilly Tennant
A Very Vintage Christmas - Tilly Tennant
A Cosy Candlelit Christmas - Tilly Tennant
Carry You - Beth Thomas
Beneath the Moon and the Stars - Amelia Thorne/Holly Martin
Tied Up With Love - Amelia Thorne/Holly Martin
Mistletoe Mansion - Samantha Tonge
Game of Scones - Samantha Tonge
My Big Fat Christmas Wedding - Samantha Tonge
How To Get Hitched in Ten Days - Samantha Tonge